Friday, December 28, 2012

What Do I Want Pt. 2 - Get Fit

I want... I want... I want..... What the heck do I want?! This will be an ever growing and ever changing process.

Earlier in the week I blogged about what I want to do with my career. I talked about working in child care and how much I enjoyed doing that. Working with kids is a very satisfying job. Children really do make you feel better because they are so innocent in all that they do. We are there to guide them and teach them and to love them. Really, it is just that simple.

But now, I want to talk about other things that I want in my life. Things that I want to do, non-career wise.
I did say that I want to sky dive. I do and I will. Somehow, someway I will make it happen this year. Yikes!

Something that I want to do is feel better about my body, not necessarily how I look but how I feel health wise. I think that I am pretty healthy, for the most part. I want to keep it that way. I am getting older and I need to start taking care of myself. I want to get in shape. I want to do things without getting too tired quickly. Earlier this year, I was working out and attempting running. I think I did pretty well with all that considering that I was a beginner. When I say beginner, I mean beginner. My boys get more exercise than I do. I even completed an obstacle course event called Warrior Dash. That I have to say is my biggest accomplishment this year. I felt so good about myself knowing that I actually completed such thing. I mean I had to climb stuff, wade in mud, run up hill and get this, I had to slide down a huge water slide. I am scared of those things as I had a traumatic childhood experience on one of those.

But I digress, I want to get in better shape. It all starts with a spark in your mind. All I need to do is fuel that spark and make it burn brighter! How do I do this? Well, I need to put my thoughts to action. Simple. I think of so many things to do but never get around to doing them. Then I beat myself up for passing up great opportunities. But not anymore. By putting down my thoughts to paper and letting the world see it, I am being held accountable and need to actually follow through. Does that make sense?

One of things that sparked this idea was an article I read earlier this week about how to clear your mind and get more creative. The article talked about taking hikes and letting the beauty of nature inspire you. I love nature. I grew up on an island where I was surrounded by it. There was beauty every where. I now live in an area where I know there are places that I can take hikes with my family. Just walking nothing intense. I'm not there yet but hopefully, I'll get there. I know that when you are out there doing something where all you have to do is just think of the task at hand, your mind clears and your thoughts take a life of their own.

So, starting this coming year, I will do things to get myself in shape physically and mentally and certainly emotionally. I need it. I can tell that I am craving for something new and something different in my life. I need to add richness to it in whatever form I can find that is positive.

If anyone who reads this has any suggestions, please let me know. I welcome any advice and thoughts. After all, working together, we accomplish great things. Not only for ourselves but for others too.

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