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Innocent Monsters Book Review

When Kaitlyn dies, young writer Jessica Lynch loses not just a sister, but the calm centre of her stormy existence, the compass that guided her through a life disturbed by memories of their abusive father. 

Confused, despairing and struggling to piece her broken life back together, Jessica meets reclusive William Blaise. He is an awkward an introverted man who has isolated himself from the rest of the world, battling terrible childhood experiences of his own. Their similar pasts bind them together and they become lovers, comparing scars and hurts, exposing their true nature to one another and finding their private kind of truth. 

As investigations into her sister's death continue, Jessica senses a growing awareness that William is not the man she wants him to be. But then, is she really the woman she thought she was. 

Title: Innocent Monsters
Author: Barbara Doherty
Location(s) Available: Amazon


When I first started out reading Innocent Monsters, I had to put it down and really think on whether or not I wanted to continue. The first few pages alone makes you angry at what is happening to one of the main characters, William. I read the synopsis over again to make sure what I was getting into. So I decided to continue. 

While the first part of the story is shocking, it does get better. Well, it doesn't have as much of the shocking factor I read in the beginning. This story tells the tale of two lost souls, William and Jessica, coming together when they needed each other the most. They use each other, unbeknownst to one another, to help them overcome their past and present struggles. There is sadness through out the book, a lot of it, though with the hope of surviving. 

I have to say that while the story is bleak and dark at times, it didn't tug at me like other stories would. With the exception of the beginning. I'm not sure why though I think it was because the story was just so real that I can't even begin to think about what the characters went through on real terms. It was probably a defense/survival mechanism in me where I decided to separate myself from the characters so as to not feel their anguish and pain. I know that the things the main characters went through happen every single day and it is very real.

I do have to say that this story is certainly not for the faint of heart. It is shocking and will make you angry but it will also make you want to root for the characters so that they come out surviving.  

Do I recommend this story? Hard for me to say simply because of what the story is about. It is a good one though I know it's not for everyone. So, if you can read about atrocities committed to the innocent and are not easily offended by such acts, then yes I do recommend because in the end there is hope. However, if you can't but decide to still read, don't say you weren't warned.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Underdog Book Review


Author Glenn Langohr

Another one of Glenn Langohr's stunning memoirs - a brave, unflinching account of life in prison B.J. and Damon are two White inmates who get involved in a gang war in a California maximum security prison. The prison administration realizes B.J.'s sentence is up and they blame Damon for calling the shots and use his gangland tattoos to send him to the Pelican Bay Super Max. 

Title: Underdog: A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life
Series: Prison Killers Book 4
Author: Glenn Langohr
Publisher: Lockdown Publishing (October 18, 2012)
Format: Mobi
Genre:  True Crime
Location(s) Available: Amazon


Underdog is the first true crime fiction I've ever read. I wasn't sure what to expect other than knowing that it is fiction based on facts. I do enjoy a good true crime non-fiction story and I'm always intrigued and baffled at the things that human beings are capable of doing.

I have to say that I was surprised and pleased with the story. This wasn't a story of a person committing a true crime and it being fictionalized. This was a story of a person surviving and hoping to encourage those in the penal system. 

The author, Glenn Langhor did a great job in writing the story of BJ, an ex convict. As I read Underdog, I began to realize and understand that prison life is a truly different life than one out of prison. There's segregation within the walls of prison among the prisoners. There's a whole inner system that can ensure a prisoner's survival or demise. There's even a whole new language! There's politics and their own justice system. 

This story opened up my eyes to having a better understanding of what a person who was incarcerated goes through. While I may never be able to completely understand it, I can at least be sympathetic to their struggles. Not all ex convicts are truly bad people. They just made bad choices in life. 

Do I recommend this story? I do, if only so you can get a glimpse of what prison life is like from someone who lived it, truly lived it. 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Interview with Glenn Langohr

Please join me on an interview with Glenn Langohr, author of Underdog. Glenn talks about his life, where he started and where he is now. 

Underdog was interesting read and I'm glad to have read it. I will be doing a review of Underdog as well. 

Read along and enjoy! 

Glenn Langohr Interview

Tell us about you.
I’m a child of God who is saved by grace.

You have had some tough times, but have managed to persevere. Do you think without those experiences you would have still become an author?
I don’t think so. As a kid I was all about daydreaming about baseball, riding bikes and even flying. I have ADHD. I ran away from a broken home at 12 years old and got into hustling pot pretty early. At 17 I was living in a pot smuggler’s garage sleeping next to trash cans full of weed from Mexico. I saw an immediate opportunity to capitalize and went to the border of Mexico to find an even bigger smuggler to become my live-ins dealer. It was just weed, right? Well within a year I put together over $20,000 in cash and found a two-bedroom house to rent on the beach. The O.C. Narcotic task force interrupted my flow and took my brother and me to jail. My brother was 16 and I was 18. They kept my brother in juvenile hall and let me out as an adult to take the case to court. Minus my wad of cash, I faced a 5-day notice to vacate our new house.

Lost and alone, I met a speed dealer across the street at my new live in house. For the first time I tried the drug and it seemed like the answer to my ADHD. I could see things so clearly. At the time, I saw how to make my money back before my jail time. I went above my new speed dealer friend to his connection who cooked some of the best speed in San Bernardino. I did make the money back, but the Narcotic Task force seized it again and it was prison time.

I was stuck for 10 more years of chasing money and sitting in prison. At one point I started a limo business I named “Prestigious Transport”, bought a condo and held a waiter job at an Italian Restaurant, but gave in to my addictions after 9/11 knocked my business to the curb. Prestigious Transport turned into Ghetto Transport quick. Sitting in a cell again, broken completely, I cried out to God for forgiveness. He filled me up with purpose and I started writing my first novel Roll Call.

What first prompted you to write a book?
I had to make sense of my life and find purpose.

What has the reaction been like from those who have read your book so far? Have friends and family been supportive?
I had Kirkus Discoveries Nielson Media review my novel Roll Call and they said,
A harrowing, down-and-dirty depiction--sometimes reminiscent of Steven Soderbergh's Traffic--of America's war on drugs, by former dealer and California artist Langohr. Locked up for a decade on drugs charges and immersed in both philosophical tomes and modern pulp thrillers, Langohr penned Roll Call. A vivid, clamorous account of the war on drugs.”

My wife’s father is John South from American Media and he told me to focus on the prison stuff so I wrote a series of novellas about prison life: Race Riot, Lock Up Diaries, Gladiator, Underdog and Prison Riot.  Underdog is the one you reviewed and gave me the opportunity to speak at UC Irvine to 100 Students as a guest Lecturer about prison conditions and solitary confinement.

My family has also been great.

What is your writing process like? Do you follow a rigid schedule or is it more relaxed?
As mentioned, I have ADHD and I don’t medicate. I have to block everything out. In prison I woke up at 4 a.m. to write to get it started before survival took over most of the concentration. I’ve been out of prison for almost 5 years and I still do the same thing.

There are some colorful characters in your writing, are they based on real people?
Yes. I paint with the true colors of life and at times construct a fictional landscape by changing names and places in prison to protect the innocent and the not so innocent. At other times it’s pure reality.

What have you learned about marketing/publishing since the release of your first book?
It takes a lot of visibility. Interviews, book reviews, speaking opportunities, book signings, press releases and more, and they all have to be blasted through social media sites worldwide. It’s fun but time consuming.

At one point as I was getting the hang of it, I went to far and it consumed me and I’m pretty sure I turned into a spammer! At that point I stopped marketing completely and went on a writing spree with the mentality that newer and better books would do my marketing for me.

What advice would you give others who have faced adversity but want to put it behind them?
To make what you have been through turn into a blessing. No matter what you have been through, don’t let the resentments hold you in it. Find a way to bless others because of what you’ve been through. If you have been raped, help other people who have been raped. If you have been abandoned, beaten and abused, help others in that position. If you were addicted to something, help others get out of addiction. Go to church and sing praises. Pray without ceasing.

What are your plans for the future? Any other books on the horizon?
I’m always writing now and I love it. After the ninth prison book, Caught In The Crossfire: Life in Lockdown, I decided to write, Powerful Prayers of Gratitude. I have played around with other books and now put all of them in audio book myself. Narrating your own writing is a very good way to improve.

I’m ready to go finish the Life in Lockdown series.

Tell us a bit about your goal with your books and what you feel people should be aware of.
My selfish goals with my prison books are to get them adapted into movies or a TV series. On a less selfish note I want to open the eyes of the public that this drug war is only breeding a bigger problem by locking up so many low level drug offenders, where in prison, that addiction is bred into an affliction much harder to escape. In California the prisons are so overcrowded that it’s a violent, gang-breeding machine. I’ve seen soccer moms lose their sons to a drug addiction and watched their sons get blasted with ink to fit in and come home skin heads. It’s the same thing with all the other races.

Any additional things you would like to say as well as links/promo items you would like to have included. 
Thanks for the review of Underdog and for confirming that my book covers didn’t fit the redemptive, human side to my writing. I have changed them.

Glenn Langohr’s audio books for a free sample:

Glenn Langohr’s complete list on Amazon in the U.S. 

My websites


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Summer Book Blast Event!

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A Warrior's Blood Book Release

It's Release Day!

A Warrior's Blood—Blood Burden Series Bonus Story

Before the war, before the powers, and before the world crashed in on him Luke met a mortal woman.  Go back to the beginning of it all and take a look at Nicole through the eyes of Luke's hardened heart.

Luke steps out of the shadows and plants himself into the police department to watch over Nicole who is new to the force. Loyal to his mission he keeps his distance but a missing girl brings them onto the same case.  Together Luke and Nicole unravel the dark underbelly of a small town putting their lives on the line.

Luke can handle criminals, crooked officials, and crazy town people but will he risk his mission for a chance at love or will Sage make sure the warrior walks a line?

About the Series:
The Blood Burden Series is a fantasy/paranormal romance that is different from anything you've read before.  You will not find any vampires, werewolves, or a soft spoken woman waiting for a man to save her in this adventure.  But you will find a head strong woman who will protect those she loves with her last breath and a new paranormal element that is unique to the book world.

Reviewers are raving about the series:
"The thrills start from page one and continue to the very end. I absolutely loved it and am looking forward to (the next book)." 5 STARS! -Kim Norris-The Kindle Book Review

"How can you resist a story set in the South that treads on Irish folklore? You can't!!"

5 STARS! -John Ross, Author of "Another Lousy Day In Paradise"

"A Surefire winner by an author to watch!!"  5 STARS!-Hotmaja54

Reading Order:
1. Blood Awakening (Prelude) ** FREE almost everywhere e-books are sold.**
2. Burden of Blood (Novel  1) (Available in paperback and e-book)
3. Blood of Fire (Novel 2) (Available in paperback and e-book)
4. A Warrior's Blood (Bonus Story Novelette e-book)

Find them on Amazon, Barnes & Nobel, Kobo, IBooks, and Smashwords.

Buy Links:

Links to Author:
Twitter handle: @wenonahulsey

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My Love For Reading

Reading has always been a fun "hobby" for me.

I don't exactly remember when it started but I do know I have memories of myself reading as a child all the time. I also remember my first chapter book, Charlotte's Web.

I also remember my first adult book, not YA, but adult book. Flowers in the Attic by V.C. Andrews. I know most readers know who V.C. Andrews is (was) and what her books are about. A major recurring theme in her books is incest. I remember being intrigued by this and wondering if it all was true. At the time, I couldn't fathom, still can't, the nature of incest. Anyway, I remember her books being one that I read all the time.

Once I was over my shock of what is V.C. Andrews and her books, I got a hold of Anne Rice's Sleeping Beauty books. By this time, I was in college. That was the first time I'd ever read anything about bondage and submission. They were quite interesting and I enjoyed them. Hmm... maybe that's where my enjoyment for smut stems from.

Up to this point, books were just that, enjoyment for me and still are though now they are more than just enjoyment. No other book had touched me to the point of me bearing my soul out in tears. Only one person did that and he can still do that to this very day. Yep, I'm talking about Nicholas Sparks. What a writer. His first book, The Notebook... I shed tears when I read that book. Sadly, I loaned it to someone and didn't get it back but that's okay because the memory of reading that book and what it made me feel is still with me. Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author. My favorite book of his is A Walk To Remember. I have a favorite line/passage of that book. (Though it is not my favorite book passage of all time. I'll share that with you in a bit.)
"This is my story; I promise to leave nothing out. First you will smile, and then you will cry - don't say you haven't been warned." - Landon Carter, A Walk to Remember
While Nicholas Sparks is my favorite author and I know that I can always count on him for a wonderful romantic story, his books aren't my favorite of all time.

That honor has been left for the best series ever written. The best series of all time, IMO.

Harry Potter

There's so much I can say about this series. While some will argue about the evilness behind it, I don't see it. I see a series that proves LOVE to be a very real force that is not to be reckoned with. Love can overcome any obstacles standing in the way, including evil. Yes, there's magic and we all know magic isn't real but LOVE is. Good always triumphing over evil is. Loyalty and friendship is. It's an epic adventure that takes you on a magical and non-magical ride. I experienced all that the characters experienced. I laughed with them. I cringed with them. I was scared with them. I loved with them. I fought with them. I encouraged them. I cried with them. Oh how I cried, how I CRIED! Reading the last two books in the series, I don't think there was ever a time that my eyes were dried. I cried because of the adversities the characters faced. I cried because my heart broke for them. I cried because my heart was overcome with joy when they won. I cried because I knew that the end was near and Harry Potter would be no more. I'm getting misty eyed as I write this, lol The point is, Harry Potter is my favorite series of all time and will always be. 

My favorite passage of the series and I suspect it's a lot of people's favorite too is:
"After all this time?"
"Always," said Snape. 
I mean... while there was so much more in the story, this always stood out to me. Snape being the one I hated from the beginning, is the one who I had the most respect for in the end. He loved only one person his entire life. That love fueled him to go against the most evil creature that existed. That love is what made him a hero.

See, there it is again, Love. Love is what makes this series great!

During my time as an adult, I've read many books and have enjoyed them all. I will admit, I read the Twilight series and loved it. I've read the books more than once. I know I'm in the minority here.

I've read Stephen King, Anne Rice (as herself and her pen name) Dean Koontz, Dan Brown, Nora Roberts, Debbie Macomber and many more other traditionally published authors. Lately, however, I've been reading lots of Indie Authors, whom I support.

All in all, reading provides me with a wonderful escape from reality. I get to meet folks I'd never meet. Get to travel to places I may not ever go. Get to experience things from someone else's perspective. Sometimes I'm glad it's them and not me. I get to live another life, if for a brief moment in time. I read most genres. I like discovering new things.

Reading will always be a part of me and if that makes me a nerd/geek, I will fully embrace it with open arms. I'd rather be a nerd or geek than a non-reader. :-)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

To My Honey Bunches of Oats

It's been a while since I've written you a letter. A long time, as a matter of fact.

I remember when we used to do that, you know. Do you remember? I know you do. I still have our exchanges.

Presently, someone close to us is going on a journey that is reminiscent to our journey. I'm grateful for this reminder. Ecstatic, actually. Why? Well, all the memories of when and how we met came flooding back to me. I pray for many blessing for our friend.

I remember being a 23 year old woman, fresh out of college.I was living in Atlanta with my best friend and away from the home I've always known, St. Croix. I was having a grand old time but something was missing. I felt it in me. I remember going to church every Sunday. I needed that in my life. During this time, I started praying for someone in my life. Lo and behold, who did I happen to meet. You.

+Kevin Hunt , you were and still are, completely different than any other guy I'd ever met. You were the complete opposite of who I thought was my type. You were the breath of fresh air that lifted my soul. You saved me from everything. I needed you in my life then. I need you in my life now.

I remember logging in to Black Planet and just browsing seeing who I could see, this was in October of 2001. I don't know why I chose the DC area to search for guys. But you know what, I'm happy I did. I remember seeing your picture and thinking that you were cute. I was nervous to send you a note (message back then). I didn't think you would respond but I'm happy you did.

While our courtship didn't have all the romance that we hear from others, it did have it's uniqueness to it. I loved exchanging emails and instant messages with you. I loved exchanging written letters with you. I loved exchanging pictures with you. I loved talking with you on the phone. Oh, I remember how on my 24th birthday in December pf 2001 we talked all day . That is when I knew I was in love with you. Imagine that, just two months after meeting you.

I remember how you said you loved me. I was so clueless to this but I remember seeing it all the time as your sign off from instant messaging to me. 1-4-3. I'm glad I asked you what it meant. From then on, it was our thing. Then the time came, the time to finally meet face to face. It was April of 2002. Oh boy, we were nervous! I still can't believe I flew to see you. I wouldn't change it for the world.

I still remember walking to your studio apartment and hearing that sweet, seductive music flowing out of your apartment, This Woman's Work - Maxwell. Mmm... you sure knew how to make a woman melt. I still remember those rose petals strewn across your apartment floor and the flowers you had waiting for me.

Instantly I knew we were gonna be married.
Instantly I knew we were meant to be.

At that point, there was no turning back. I'd found my soul mate. I'd found the man who was going to be with me for the rest of my life. We were married a few months later that same year, September 2002.

We'll be married 11 years this year. How time flies. We have 3 amazing boys to show for it. We've had our ups and downs, like any other couple. We have grown together. We have grown individually. Yet our love still remains the core of our relationship.

I don't say it enough but THANK YOU.
Thank you for choosing to marry me, you didn't have to.
Thank you for loving me, I can be mentally all over the place.
Thank you for taking care of the boys and I, I know it's tough.
Thank you for always being you no matter what.
Thank you for being my husband.

You are a wonderful person. An incredible man. An amazing husband and father. I love you dearly. I will always love you till my dying day. I chose you and will do so a million and one times over.

Always and Forever,

I don't normally post really personal things like this on my blog, especially if it includes my husband. I can say all these things but I felt it needed to be said in a special place. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dragon's Mate Book Review (Erotica)

This is my first erotica review, interesting.

They had been searching for their mate, but when they find her she is traumatized and scared to be around strange men. They must get her to accept them before they reveal their true natures. Will their love be strong enough to break down her barriers? Could she truly be destined to love two dragons?

Today, Annie's dragons will shift and fulfill her every desire, which means a fiery threesome - and true love.

Title: Dragon's Mate
Author: Beverly Ovalle
Publisher: Boroughs Publishing Group (March 3, 2013)
Format: Mobi; ePub
Genre: Erotica
Location(s) Available: AmazonBarnes and Noble


Dragon's Mate was a simple erotica tale. The author takes you on an erotica ride that will leave you wide eyed. It alludes to love but it being such a short story, I didn't quite get that. It certainly had a lot of lust and for erotica, that's a main ingredient. This is the first time I've read a story that includes dragons. I see the allure to dragons based on this story. 

This story was a very quick read. The writer describes the sexual scenes in great detail. She leaves nothing to the imagination, another great ingredient for erotica. 

Do I recommend this story? If you want something quick and dirty (in a good sense) to read, yeah I do. However, if you are easily offended (which I'm not) by reading sex in explicit detail, don't pick it up, it's not for you. This story is certainly not for the faint of heart or the easily offended type.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Dark Summer (The Witchling Series, Book one) Book Review

A school for Witchlings...

The ultimate choice between Light and Dark...

Where the price of a mistake... is your soul.

Sixteen-year-old Summer doesn't expect her new boarding school to be any different than the rest: a temporary stay, until her uncontrollable magic gets her thrown out again. In her mind, there's no point in getting too friendly with anyone. That is, until she notices Decker, the boy who will become the Master of Night and Fire on his eighteenth birthday.

When she learns that this special school has attracted others with magic in their blood, she is hopeful that this time around, things may be different. Besides, she can't deny her interest in Decker, and when he rescues her one night from the dark forests of the Rocky Mountains, their connection is instant.
Yet, a relationship with Decker may prove to be her downfall, forcing her to choose between Light and Dark, life and death, love - and their souls.

Title: Dark Summer
Series: The Witchling Series
Author: Lizzy Ford
Publisher: Evatopia Press; 2nd Edition (March 1, 2013)
Format: Mobi; ePub
Genre: Young Adult; Paranarmal
Location(s) Available: AmazonBarnes and Noble


I've said it before and I'll say it again, when a book can bring forth emotions in me and leave me feeling those emotions for a while after reading it, I find it to be a great book. I'm to the point where I'll need a day or so to recover. Really...

Dark Summer left me feeling sad, emotionally drained yet hopeful. Hopeful that, in the end, everything will fall into place.

As I started reading Dark Summer, it was slow going as I went through what the main character, Summer, was going through. I experienced and learned right along with her. When reading about her, one might consider her weak and naive, however, she really is a strong person. To have had her background yet be a survivor, she truly is strong.

Summer meets some friends and foes (foes who can be described as wolf in sheep clothing) who help shape her and define her destiny. She meets the one person who is the calm to her storm. And I rooted for them up to the very end. And still am!

There was a point in the book where it all fell into place and I couldn't help but feel happy that things were beginning to turn around and look brighter. But as the story progressed, my heart was breaking at almost every turn of the page. I was upset at what I was reading because how could people be so mean towards someone who's done nothing to them. It's amazing what insecurity within oneself makes you do. It shows how weak a person can be.

I didn't get the ending I wanted with Dark Summer but like I said, I'm hopeful that things will turn around for the better as I learn more about Summer's and her friends' fate in Autumn Storm. After all, it is part of a series so I know there is more to come.

Do I recommend Dark Summer? I do! I warn you though, have the second book handy cause you'll want to read immediately what happens. Enjoy!


Tuesday, May 7, 2013

A Cat's Chance in Hell Book Review

If the Demon Master gets his way the City is about to become Hell on Earth.

Gabi has some extraordinary talents. Some might call them supernatural, but for her they're just part of everyday life. What she knows about the supernatural would give most humans nightmares forever. Ridding the streets of bad-ass creatures of the night is Gabi's other job. Taking up the mantle of her father's legacy, she is a Hunter for the Societas Malus Venatori. The first female ever bestowed the title. Her day job is a little less dangerous. Most of the time.

Being ambushed and kidnapped by the sexy Master Vampire of the City should have been just another night on the job, except for the fact that Julius has other plans for her. When he reveals that his nemesis wants control of the city and has plans to fill it with Demons of the Etherworld, creating an army of Ghouls and turning humans into nothing more than cattle to feed his Clan, Gabi must choose her path. She must decide whether to join with Julius in a stand against the Demon Master or flee the City with her friends and family, leaving the Vampires to wage their own war and the rest of the residents to their own fate.

But it's not in Gabi's nature to back down from a fight, no matter how impossible the odds. As the Malus Venatori prepare for war, Gabi finds herself pulled deeper into Julius's world and she makes some disturbing discoveries about her unusual supernatural abilities. Her existence might just be the answer to a mystery as old as the vampire race. Even more unsettling than that is her undeniable attraction to Julius and the taste of his blood. But before she can come to terms with her conflicting desires they must all survive the Demon onslaught and find a way to safeguard the truth of her heritage.

While the supernatural bad guys know her as Angeli Morte, her friends call her Hellcat. If you like your heroine smart, sassy and absolutely kick ass and your vampire  hero sexy as sin and twice as dangerous you're going to love the Hellcat series. Contains adult content.

Title: A Cat's Chance in Hell
Series: Hellcat Series
Author: Sharon Hannaford
Publisher: Sharon Hannaford
Format: Mobi; ePub; Paperback (418 pages)
Genre: Fantasy
Location(s) Available: AmazonBarnes and Noble

Wow, what a great story. I have to say that my favorite female lead character right now is Gabi. I love her fearless attitude and her fearless loyalty to those she loves. She's like any other woman who's sensitive but doesn't let anyone push her around or take advantage of her.

I love it when I read a supernatural story that has a different take on the supernatural. I'm sure there are other books out there similar to this one but this is the first I've read of its kind and I'm happy about that. Gabi is a human with supernatural powers. Her powers are vampire like but she's no vampire. She has great senses, natural and beyond. She can control and communicate with animal telepathically. She super swift and has an array of martial arts skills under her belt.

This story takes on a ride of good versus evil. Gabi works with an organization that fights evil or rogue supernatural creatures. In order to save the city of total destruction, Gabi must team up with the most of unlikely supernatural being she'd ever thought she'd team up with, vampires. Unless there's a rogue vampire that needs destroying, they are likely left a lone. In working with the vampires, Gabi falls for a Vampire Master, Julius. Yum...

As the ending neared, I found myself crying and rooting for Gabi and her team. While I was excited through out the story and knew the ride was great, the ending stopped me short. The story just ended abruptly. Perhaps a cliffhanger since this is part of a series? I'm not sure. I do hope that the second book resolves something that I wanted resolved. All in all, this is a story that was wonderful. It had adventure, awesome fight scenes, a great, strong female lead character, swoon worthy men, and worthy adversaries.

Do I recommend this book? I do. If you like the supernatural and want something a bit different, I do.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Namaste - Yoga-fied

Inspirational music plays in the background as I write up this post.

Breathe in. Exhale. Hold pose. Breath in. Exhale.

That's how my morning went. I was excited and elated to participate in a yoga class with my dear friend +Leshia Chandler . I'd prepared myself for this class wondering what it was going to be like. I wasn't sure what to expect. After all, the only experience I've had in any yoga was a home DVD. I've also done pilates and yoga-lates at home. With one class of pilates at my local gym eons ago. Let me tell you this experience was vastly different than my home/gym experiences.

When we walked into the reception area, it was quiet, warm and dimly lit. I was afraid to speak loudly but not in a "I'm gonna get stares" way but in a "I don't want to spoil the mood the atmosphere puts you in".

We were told what to do. To our left were these tall, floor to ceiling tall, glass doors that were frosted about halfway up. We took off our shoes and walked in. Class was already in session. We quietly found our space and fell into immediately following what the instructor was doing. Easy peasy, right? While I can't speak for Leshia's experience, I can speak to my own.

As I walked in, immediately my olfactory senses were engulfed by the sweet smell of burning incense. Mmmm how I love incense. It puts you in a state of calm and I just want to bask in it. The serene and calming music was softly playing in the background. You could hear the quiet exhales of the other participants as they followed the yoga instructions.

For the life of me, I can't tell you the name of the poses, except for the tree pose. But each and every pose had you working your body as one to achieve a common goal. That is how I felt. I used muscles I knew I had just never used. My equilibrium and stamina were put to a test. My whole body was a workout machine, beastly. :-)

It was easy listening to the instructor tell you what to do and transition from pose to pose. What wasn't easy is maintaining that balance required for some poses. I know for a fact that we were in a beginners class because we did poses that were relatively easy. None of that upside down, one handed, feet in the air poses. Thank goodness! There was one pose, that was an inverted pose, I think, that the instructor said we could do if we felt comfortable trying it out. Yeah.. I wasn't trying that. I would have surely busted my ass on the floor. I will be trying it at home though. :-)

Her soft voice penetrated your mind and brought you to focus on what needed to be done. I will remember one thing she said, it was another type of pose or stretching pose where you hug yourself. She said give yourself a big hug, we don't tend to hug ourselves enough. That is especially true for me. While I love getting and receiving hugs, hugging yourself is something you should do everyday. It sounds and looks silly but LOVE yourself first. If you don't love yourself, how in the world are you gonna love somebody else - in my Ru Paul voice.

In the end, I felt great. My body is tired but not overly so where I feel beat up. I can tell that I did work my body using my body. That is key. Most especially, I had time to just focus on what I want in life. I even had time to pray when we were holding positions. I couldn't clear my mind but I could direct it to where I wanted to to be. I prayed for my family. I prayed for my friends who are experiencing changes and chartering new territories. I prayed for myself. But most of all, I thanked our Lord for the blessings I've received thus far.

I still meditate and can see myself adding yoga to my routine. Gradually, I will become one with myself. I will help and love myself so that I can in turn help others and love more deeply and freely.

After all, love, kindness, compassion and understanding can help to make us amazing human beings. As long as you are true to yourself, you know where your heart is, you are well on your way to being who you want to be and achieve what you want, no matter what.

Thank you for reading - Namaste

Om Chakra is the place where we went to practice yoga.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nashville Parts 1 and 2 Book Review

I once again had the opportunity to review another story by +Inglath Cooper. These are two novellas that I had such fun reading back to back!

Since they are both connected, I will review both of them as one story. I sure was very happy to have had the two parts available to read because I was not ready for the story to end.

Inglath Cooper and Covers for the Nashville Parts One and Two
Synopsis of Part One - Ready to Reach:

Nineteen year-old Cece MacKenzie leaves Virginia for Nashville with not much more to her name than a guitar, a Walker Hound named Hank Junior and an old car she'd inherited from her grandma called Gertrude.

But Gertrude ends up on the side of I-40 in flames, and Nashville has never seemed farther away.

Help arrives in the form of two Georgia football players headed for the Nashville dream as well. When Holden Ashford and Thomas Franklin stop to offer Cece and Hank Junior a ride, fate may just give a nod to serendipity and meant to be.

Title: Nashville Part One - Ready to Reach
Author: Inglath Cooper
Publisher: Fence Free Entertainment, LLC (October 4, 2012)
Format: Mobi
Genre: Romance
Location(s) Available: Amazon

Synopsis of Part Two - Hammer and a Song:

Cece MacKenzie grew up dreaming of a life doing what she loves - singing in Nashville. When she and her hound dog Hank Junior set out to make her dream come true, life takes some twists she hadn't counted on. Like falling for Holden Ashford, a songwriter with a gift. And a girlfriend. Can a country music star's hunky son help her forget about Holden. Or is it even possible when her heart insists on writing the song?

Title: Nashville Part Twp - Hammer and a  Song
Author: Inglath Cooper
Publisher: Fence Free Entertainment, LLC (April 5, 2013)
Format: Mobi
Genre: Romance
Location(s) Available: Amazon

Inglath Cooper has a fantastic way of making the reader fall in love with her characters. Right from the beginning you can't help but love Cece. She's got a determined attitude but in a gentle, almost naive way. She's definitely got making music, not fame, on her mind. She takes a chance and moves from all she's ever known to pursue that passion of songwriting and singing.

Then in walks Holden, oh man... Holden. What can I say about him?! He's brooding, got a major attitude but he's so magnetic that you are drawn to him despite the facade he puts up. From the moment he is described, wearing cowboy boots *swoon* and a cap pulled low on his head over his sunglasses, whew... Holden had my attention. He too is chasing the dream of playing the music he writes for all to hear. I should say that I am biased towards Holden because there's something sexy about a man wearing cowboy boots.

Another integral character to this story is Thomas Franklin. Thomas is like that big, teddy bear brother, cousin or best friend that you always feel secure around. He'll always have your back but give it to you straight. He's not the "I told you so" type but will comfort you when needed. There's no hidden agenda with Thomas, his heart is as pure golden as the sun. He's the singer with that smooth voice who brings life to the words that Holden writes.

From the moment Cece and Holden meet, you can feel the electricity crackle between them. They are drawn to each other but don't want to admit it.

Events happen through out Part One that bring Cece and Holden together and you can see the beginning of a forbidden relationship between them. They both know that nothing could ever come out of a fiery and passionate kiss that overtakes their senses. If only life weren't so complicated!

In Part Two, we get to learn more about the characters and are introduced to a new one, whom I didn't like, at first. Not because of how she was written but because of what she meant for Cece and Holden. She's a character you can't help but love to hate, in the beginning. However, as we learn more about her she grows on you and you like her.

I want to say Part Two was my favorite of the two novellas. We get to learn a little bit more about Cece, Holden and Thomas. The story is riveting and grabs a hold of you. I literally couldn't put it down. I wanted take it all in and know what was going to be happening. As I got to the end of the book, when I turned, swiped, the page that ended the story, I was looking for more. Before the ending, we got a sense of resolution, a sense that things were finally going in the right direction. Then it happened, I was turning, swiping, the pages looking for more. My mind refused to accept the story ended the way it did! As far as cliffhangers go, this is really a great one.

I will be patiently waiting for Part Three to come out. I will devour it just to get my fill of Cece and Holden.

Being that the story is about singers and songwriters trying to make it in Nashville, Inglath has shared the songs that Holden has written at the end of each book. Which is awesome. To add even more excitement to it, Holden has a blog (here) in which he shares his music. He's the songwriter to the duo between him and Thomas. I think that is pretty cool, if you ask me.

Do I recommend these two novellas? OMG! I do! If you want to fall in love, go on a country music roller coaster ride where you know you'll have a good ole time, I do!

If you'd like to get the novellas as a combination, you can do so as well at Amazon.