Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Love You, Mami

For the life of me, I can't remember when my oldest two first said "I love you" to me. I never wrote it down anywhere on any calendar. I do know, however, that they were younger than 3 years old. That much I know because they were great talkers by the time they were 3 years old each.

Kid 3, however, is a bit different in the talking area. He talks but is no where near what my oldest two were at 3 years old. That's okay. He's getting there.

Lately, he's been repeating "I Love You" on the phone to his grandma but never to me or to the hubster, that I know of. Well, guess what?! The kid said it to me! Not directly but as I finished getting the boys in bed, I was in the hallway and always say a last "I love you" to the boys. They all said it, including Kid 3! He said "I Love You, Mami"! Awwwww...... my heart swelled with joy.

It's funny cause earlier today, I was thinking about him saying that, rather, not saying it. I made it a point to not tell him "say I love you". I wanted him to say it to me out of his own will.

Oh, I know he loves me. He shows it to me daily. As a matter of fact, what triggered that previous thought today was what he was doing. I decided to "take a nap" with him. Well, as much of a nap a mom can take with her 3 year old, right. He climbed up in bed with me and proceeded to remove his dad's blanket and pillow off the bed. He then properly laid his head on my pillow (not a big one, btw) and started covering himself with my blanket. He also, didn't want me to face the other way when I laid down. I needed to be facing him. This, I know, is one of the many ways he shows me he loves me. I am not a preference over Dad, though I'd like to think so. He just enjoys being with me and I with him.

These past few days of not being on Facebook and trying to limit myself from the internet has been a joy for Kid 3 and I. We've been doing more things together. I've enjoyed that. These are the moments that I need to cherish with him. He is still such a baby (my fault) but is yet growing into his own and becoming more independent.

Now, thanks to this blog, I will have a record of when Kid 3 said "I love you, Mami" to me for the first time.

Sitting atop dino bones at the park.
Hmmm..... so pensive. 

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