Thursday, August 28, 2014

Book Review: Under A Colder Sun

It's no secret that one of my favorite indie authors is Greg James. His writing style is one that is incomparable to any other, to me. Every time I read his words written on a page, I get drawn into the story and can't help but fall in love with the world he is creating and the tale he is telling, no matter then genre! His lyrical and poetic style of writing never gets old. Greg tells his tale in an eloquent manner which keeps you invested in the characters he is conveying. He gives you just enough of these characters to answer your questions but at the same time, leaves you wanting more. 

Under A Colder Sun: Khale the Wanderer Book 1 releases today for only $0.99 on Amazon

Greg James is also having a book release event today on Facebook. You can join in on the fun and get to learn a little bit more about Greg, and this story. Prepare for High Adventure. ;-)

Facebook link to the release party for Under A Colder Sun:


A Grimdark Fantasy Adventure set in a world of Darkness and Chaos! 

Khale the Wanderer: dark warrior of legend, a reaver with a demon’s soul. 
King Alosse: ruler of Colm, willing to risk everything to save his city and its people. 
Princess Milanda: an innocent, kept pure since birth, unknowing of her fate. 
Neprokhodymh: the cursed city of sorcerers where Khale must make a choice that will scar him for life, or fall into darkness forever. 

What other readers said:

"Greg James has a wonderfully vivid and creative imagination which sets him apart from other writers in the Fantasy genre." Cherl Bradshaw, New York Times Bestselling Author of the Sloane Monroe Series 

"Greg James brings both his locations and characters to life with wonderful, descriptive prose perfectly balanced with a pulsating, relentless plot." Graeme Reynolds, Author of High Moor 

"I am hopeful that Greg James will shoot to the top of his class for the music in his words and the ideas that he so lavishly creates." - Janet Fix, Editor, The Word Verve Inc.

DISCLAIMER: I was given an ARC (advance review copy) of Under A Colder Sun in exchange for a review.

Under A Colder Sun is unlike any other book I've read where the villain is actually the hero. This tale is about Khale the Wanderer, who by all accounts, is evil and one should cower in his presence. Yet, at the same time, he ends up being the hero. But not the hero of fairy tales who saves the damsel in distress by slaying the dragon, no. He is a hero who has to do wrong in order to begin making things right. Khale is evil, yes, but in the end you will either grow to understand him and accept him as he is, or grow to wish him death. 

Greg James weaves an intricate tale of different characters trying to figure out their purpose in a world of chaos; a world that is dying all around them. This story is set in a time where you either fight to live or you just give up your soul and die.  

While the story is about Khale the Wanderer, it's hard to forget about one of the supporting characters that also give life to this story. Each of these characters have a tale to tell that explains why they are fighting for a better world. There is one character whom I fought with, in my head of course, the whole way through. She is integral to the story, yes, but she definitely irked me. While her view of the world was bleak, she was naive in her thinking of how easily she could fix things that were wrong. She had a black and white version of who Khale is and couldn't see past that. She was self centered and egotistical. Needless to say, she wasn't my favorite character. 

And that there is the beauty of Greg's writing. He creates these characters and gives them life, gives them meaning, a reason to exist. You will either love his characters or hate them. Either way, you are in for a great story. 

Under A Colder Sun is definitely a fantasy story meant for adults. Greg James does not sugar coat his words. He tells this story as the characters dictate and are meant to live. There will be more stories about Khale the Wanderer, as his story is not told in its entirety in Under A Colder Sun.