Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Well, I cut the cord. I did. I deleted my Facbook account.

Since I'd made the decision to deactivate a part of me knew I wasn't going back. I was just lying to myself. I know I needed to do it. Maybe it was premature on my part and I didn't give myself the opportunity to acclimate myself to not logging in daily to Facebook. But...

Why tease myself in having my Facebook account  "on reserve" just in case I want to go back? I knew that if I went back, I would fall back into the same old habits that I'd created when I had my account open and undo everything I would have done in my time away. So I might as well just cut the cord and don't bother anymore.

I do have to say that the biggest thing I will miss from Facebook, is the group I was in with several wonderful women. One of those women has truly become a best friend of mine. I know that I will still talk to her via Google+, so all is not lost there but I will sorely miss the other ladies.

I feel a sense of peace within myself since I hit the delete button. I will now have time on my hands. What is that saying about idle hands? :-) I know that I will get things done. My mind will be clearer. It may sound "weak" of me in needing to get rid of Facebook to accomplish things in my life. But I don't think so. I takes a strong person to recognize what her faults and weaknesses are. It takes an even stronger person to do something about it.

Deleting my Facebook account is one step in the right direction for me.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :-)