Saturday, December 8, 2012

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

I dedicate today's blog post to my second son. He celebrates a birthday today.

I still remember the day I went into labor with him. TOH was getting ready for work. My mom was visiting to help take care of my oldest. I'd gotten up to some minor contractions, nothing major, but enough for me to take a minute and start timing them. After all, it was the day before my due date.

I called my doctor and she said not to go to work and continue timing them. I called out with the excuse of "I'm about to have a baby." Love it!

We roll in to the hospital and do what we gotta do there. I start crying. I'm a crier, a big one. I cry for freaking Folger's commercials. Anyway, the nurse asks me if I'm in a lot of pain. I say no, I'm just overcome with joy that I'm going to have my baby.

I opted to deliver with no meds. Surprisingly, my labor was very easy and very smooth. Yes, it was painful but not as painful as with my oldest (I was induced with him and had an epidural) and my youngest (I was induced and it was too late for the epidural, darn it!). So with my second, I championed through labor. It was such an easy labor that I KNEW I could do it again and I did.

The whole point of this, is to say that I love my dear boy. He is such a wonderful, sweet, caring, thoughtful, sensitive, rambunctious, intelligent, talented and feisty little boy. It's his birthday today and he's thought of his older brother before himself. He's allowing his older brother to do what he wants to do. My little boy likes to put others in front of him. He thinks of others and doesn't want to hurt their feelings. While I am proud of this, I don't want him to be taken advantage of; cause really what 7 year old does that? Kids are egocentric but not in a bad way and I certainly don't see that in my little boy. 

My little boy has brought such joy to my life. They all have but in different ways. I love them all dearly but differently. They truly are my reason for living. I was meant to be a mom. No matter what my life would have been like, I honestly cannot see myself without them in my life. They are my EVERYTHING!

My baby (they all hate it when I call them that) I love you more than words can say. Have a wonderful and magical birthday!

He's always thinking.


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