Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How Frozen Got Me

I remember when Frozen came out in the theatres. I remember reading posts from friends on Facebook praising the movie and how fantastic it was. I even remember reading a headline, I forget which article and where, that stated how Disney's Frozen is a game changer for Disney Princess's movies. I was curious but not curious enough to go out and see at the theatres.

Fast forward a few months to the release of Frozen on DVD/BluRay. My husband come home one day with the movie in hand. I was pleasantly surprised that he got it since my boys hadn't expressed any interest in seeing it. We normally buy movies that they want. After watching the movie, I was extremely 'elated or gassy' to quote Anna from Frozen that my husband bought the movie.

Like I said before I wanted to see why Frozen was a game changer for Disney Princess's movies. I got my answer after watching it, or at least what I got out of it and what my boys got out of it, even if the original headline meant something different. Yes, there are loads of other lessons to be learned from Frozen which have been blogged about extensively so I won't touch on those. I'll only touch on what was important to me.

I was happy to see that Disney chose to represent an act of true love through the love of a sibling and not through true love's kiss. I love the idea that we can all love one another and commit an act of true love for someone other than your chosen partner in life. I try to teach my boys all the time that they have to love each other, no matter what. I teach them to be respectful to one another and to always be there for each other to lean on. I teach them that while they are times that they will be angry at each other, the love that they have for each other must remain true and at the forefront of their thoughts. Frozen cemented that idea which I teach my boys.

Frozen immediately made my list of favorite Disney movies knocking Beauty and the Beast down a notch. Along with Meet the Robinsons, the lesson it teaches is one that will stay with me forever.

I know that there are things I'm going to get wrong in raising my boys but as long as I continue to love them and show them love, in the end I will get it right. Or semi right. Hey, if they don't end up in therapy as adults, I know I've done a banging job.

Of course, I can't end this post without making a mention of one of my favorite characters in Frozen, Olaf. I absolutely loved him. I loved his innocent spirit full of wisdom. I loved his carefree attitude and outlook on life. He was so determined to see Summer that it didn't matter if he would melt though he didn't know it. I loved him so much that I decided to crochet me an Olaf. He is a work in progress and I will share about him in a later blog post.

This post was written as part of the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I decided to join.

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