Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Mommy, Just One Question

Every now and then, the inquisitive mind of my 10 year old gets in gear and starts thinking of all kinds of questions to ask.

Now, I love when he does this. It tells me that he's interested in learning about something. The questions do come at random times, mainly when they pop in his head. 

The only time that I dread these questions is morning time. Quite frankly, my brain is just on autopilot. It's just waking up. And to have to answer questions that require me to think of an appropriate answer, especially when it's not a straightforward answer, like 2+2=4, is work. 

I'll be honest, there are times that I tell him I can't answer that right now cause I'm not fully awake and not thinking right this morning. Sometimes we revisit the question, other times we don't. 

Now, there are times where he asks a question and gets more than he bargained for. I give him a nice, long and explained answer to whatever he asked. When I answer him like that, he gets this exasperated look on his face and says "oh not again". I love it. All he wants is a simple answer, I sometimes can't do simple. He knows this.

Now all this being said, I've yet to get the big question (well big question for me), "what is sex?". 

I'm slowly preparing myself for that conversation. It has to happen and soon. 

What big questions are you asked early in the morning that requires more brain power than you have at that moment to answer? 

My thinker... He loves to read. 



  1. I'm waiting for this question from my oldest. I'm so not prepared, though!

    1. No matter how much we prepare, I don't think we're ever fully prepared, lol I need to have it soon. He's 10 years old, we should have had it already.

  2. I'm not a mom who can answer lots of (or detailed) questions in the morning either. Like you, I'm often heard saying "ask me again later," or "not right now, okay?" My kiddos are young so we haven't had to talk about sex yet - but where babies come from is a whole other story.

    1. It's funny how the morning time is when they ask all the questions that require more use of our brains than what its ready for.


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