Friday, April 11, 2014

Trekking for Veterans - 1VoiceTrekking

Every year, there's a group of adventurous men and women who hike upwards 40, 50 or 60 miles along Appalachian and Catoctin Trails, with an incredible organization, 1VoiceTrekking.

What is +1 Voice Trekking, you ask?

"1VT is an organization that seeks to link people and causes, through extreme hiking and outdoor adventure.  Our main focus is to bring about awareness and connect people in unique social interactions while experiencing nature." - A. Chris Morales, Director of Adventure, 1 Voice Trekking

I've been able to support this organization in the past by donating to their coat and blanket drive that benefitted Voices for Children. 

This year, I'm supporting their latest effort, Racing4Veterans, through a monetary donation. 

The fun thing about this organization is that while the participants are supporting and raising awareness to the different charities they donate to, they are also challenging and pushing themselves past the limit through these grueling and intense hikes. They get to support great causes by being part of an invaluable experience.

If you'd like to donate to 1VoiceTrekking and benefit Racing4Veterans you can do so by going their Crowdrise page and donating:

Also, if you live in the area and would like to participate in the hike, go the 1VoiceTrekking's website to find out more.

Thank you for considering in being part of a support team.


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