Friday, April 4, 2014

Good Marriage Advice for Couples to Consider

While I was browsing through my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday, I came across a video that a friend of mine shared. The video was that of Pope Francis on his advice on marriage. It's good advice regardless of your religious affiliations.

When my husband and I got married, nearly 12 years ago, I don't remember receiving any advice from anyone in regards to marriage. My husband and I knew we were meant to be and decided to get married on a whim. So far, that whim has worked in our favor. I do, however, remember reading and hearing in movies (I know, right) about one thing that every married couple should do. Without putting much thought into it, my husband and I do (not always but we strive to) what Pope Francis has suggested, and what I've read and heard in movies, every night.

In his weekly address, Pope Francis advises couple never to go to bed angry with each other. Always say good night to each other.

I like the message Pope Francis has to give. It's something that we should all strive to do. However, being humans and letting our emotions take over, it is not always so simple. I know. Even though my husband and I rarely argue (and that's mainly because I don't like confrontations) there has been once or twice where things did get really heated between us. Times where we did go to bed with unresolved emotions. However in the end, love transcended any negatives in our marriage. I know this is not the case with every marriage. I will not be so naive to think that love can fix anything because when we have been hurt so deeply and our hearts toyed with, love won't fix it.

But I digress. If you can and are willing to put aside ego and issues, say goodnight before to bed. Let each other know that "even though I'm mad at you and don't like you very much right now, I still love you".

Disclaimer: As the saying goes "No one knows what's in the pot but the one who stirs it." so I will not pretend to be an expert on marriage. I'm just sharing something that has worked for me and my husband. An advice that I think others can benefit from.

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