Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Liquid Gold, What My Life's All About

Bleary eyed, I shuffle out the bed.

My feet are heavy laden with sand and stone as they drag across the floor.

My body is not awake yet, my mind is controlled by that little voice of morning survival.

Repeating a mantra of desperation: Coffee, coffee, coffee, coffee.

I don't know how I made it to the kitchen.

As if on cue, my brain begins to fire up some neurons like an engine begging for gas.

My arms take control.

Take out the coffee, open the percolator, pour water in reservoir, put coffee in filter, turn on stove, put percolator on stove, walk away.

Blinking rapidly, my eyes open, that aroma filling the air is dark, strong and inviting.

My brain is halfway there, the fumes are giving it life, not yet though.

My ears perk up at the sound of the bubbling liquid gold spewing into the percolator.

Magically, a mug appears in my hand and is filled to the brim.

My tongue can hardly stand it, it is begging to have that hot, steaming, strong liquid take over my mouth.

Not yet, my brain is warring with my tongue, my tongue wants to taste it now, my brain wants to savor that first sip. Remember that first time.

Like an addict, I tremble to bring that mug to my lips.

I want to tip the mug back at the risk of getting burned, not too fast though, no, not yet.

As I lift that mug to my mouth, I inhale and fill my nose with that smell that only coffee addicts have come to know and love. It can't be explained.

That liquid gold touches my lips, like a broken dam the coffee rushes through my lips and covers my tongue.

What's this euphoric feeling? Ecstasy? Heaven? My body quickens and then stills.

Finally, I know now what life's all about.... Coffee.


My attempt at poetry. Not the best but it's mines. :-) This is what coffee does to me. This post is day the Ultimate Blog Challenge.


  1. Very nice work! Love it! An ode to coffee LOL

    1. Thanks! Inspiration came as was fixing my first cup in the morning.

  2. This is funny because it's part of my morning routine as well. HeeHee :)

  3. I really enjoyed reading your list!

  4. My kids know not to ask me questions before I have coffee. It's the simple pleasures of life...

    1. Mine do too. However, there are times when they forget and tend to ask questions that require the mind of Einstein to answer.


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