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See How She Runs Book Review

Lately, I've been fortunate enough to have read some incredible stories. They make writing reviews absolutely fun because all I want to do is gush about them. See How She Runs by Michelle Graves is one of those books that was loads of fun for me. I loved every minute of it. 

One delivery changed her whole life. 

Izzy was a normal girl living in Chicago as a bike messenger before that fateful day. She delivered one package and set into action a chain of events she never could have expected. 

Now she is running for her life from the Corporation, her best friend is not at all who he seemed, and to top it all off she keeps having visions.

Will she survive to navigate the waters as a Seer? Will her feelings for Kennan be her very downfall? Find out in See How She Runs.

Title: See How She Runs
Series: The Chronicles of Izzy
Author: Michelle Graves
Publisher: Michelle Graves (July 11, 2013)
Format: ePub; Mobi; 212 pages
Location(s) Available: AmazonBarnes and Noble

When I first found out that Michelle Graves wrote a book, See How She Runs, and I started reading the prequel on her blog, Michelle Graves Writes, I instantly fell in love with Izzy, the story's heroine. Michelle also teased us with the first chapter of her book on her blog. Talk about knowing how to hook you in then keep you waiting with bated breath!

Izzy is a funny and quirky character who is also independent, strong and smart. Kennan, is well... You'll have to read the story to fall in absolute love with Kennan. He is dreamy. Izzy and Kennan had me laughing and falling in love throughout the story. There were other characters that were essential to story and fit so well with Izzy and Kennan. Michelle did an incredible job at introducing and developing these characters where you are left wanting to know more about who they are and what their story is.

One of the things I loved about See How She Runs is the story line. I enjoy reading a good paranormal/urban fantasy story, who doesn't, but I'm used to reading about witches, vampires, werewolves or faeries. You know, the usual suspects. Well, See How She Runs is about Izzy being a Seer. I've never read a story about seers and marveled at the world that Michelle created about seers, their abilities and livelihood.

My only regret when reading See How She Runs is not being able to finish the book as quickly as I wanted too. Darn life getting in the way of my reading. I craved to read this book and read it every chance I could get. This was one of those stories that you had to see what was happening, you just had to know how it was going to end. The story ended wonderfully but it was certainly left open for more adventures to come in Izzy's life.

See How She Runs is Michelle's debut novel. I must say that it is a great story to debut with. See How She Runs hooks you from the very beginning. The details and story line create an amazing imagery in your mind that doesn't let you go.

Do I recommend this? You better believe I do! If you like intelligent, funny heroines who are confident in themselves, I do. If you want to read a refreshing paranormal/urban fantasy tale, I do.

I was grateful and felt honored to have been able to receive an ARC of See How She Runs.  The book will be available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble on July 17th. Be sure to mark your calendars so that you can join Izzy on her journey to becoming a Seer and learning more about her world.

****UPDATE**** The book had an early release date. So get your copy!!

About the Author:

Michelle Graves is a self-proclaimed nomad, moving every two to three years with her husband the Army man, her beautiful daughter, and a fat tailless cat named Torri. When she is not writing away trying to purge her mind of yapping characters she can be found entertaining her daughter, attempting to craft (whilst trying not to injure herself with the glue gun), baking yummy treats, or reading. She admits to having a restless spirit and forces her family to go out on adventures whenever possible. They lovingly play along. 

If you want to find out more about Michelle, be sure to check out her Facebook page here and her blog here. You can also add See How She Runs to your reading list at Goodreads here.  If you want to read the prequel, first chapter or Life Lessons with Izzy, be sure to check out Michelle's blog so you can start your journey with Izzy. 

Thanks for joining me once again!

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