Friday, July 26, 2013

Reader's Corner: Guest Reviews by Readers

How fun?! I decided to open up my blog to guest reviews by readers, like you. The idea came to me recently while I was either crocheting or doing something. My mind tends to think of a million different things but only a few ideas stick. 

Well, this idea stuck. I remember when I started doing book reviews, it was relatively easy to do so. I decided that it would be great for me to open my blog to readers, non-bloggers preferably, and have them share their thoughts on a current book they are reading or a past book they've read. I want to give someone the opportunity to do so. Who knows, book reviewing might be something that you could see yourself doing via blogging in the future. 

I've compiled a guideline, not inclusive, to help both the reader and myself maintain a sense of organization. 

Basically, I want this to be a once a month feature. 

I normally review any genre but I need to know what genre the book is to approve it. I ask that you be mindful of the type of blog my blog is. It's a friendly blog that is open to all who wants to read it. If reviewing erotica, I ask that your review is kept classy and clean. It can be done. I also ask that you don't use foul language in your reviews. If you feel you need to use them in your review, my blog is not the right place.

Also, I don't share negative reviews on my blog unless the review is constructive. I won't accept reviews where the author is attacked for whatever reason. Please be mindful of that. I don't do any sort of rating on my blog, so no need to worry about that unless you feel it is necessary. 

I would prefer for the reader to be a non-blogger. This is to give you, the reader, an opportunity to share your thoughts on a book. There may be an exception where the reader is a blogger but not a book review or product review related blog, if that makes sense. I may occasionally have an indie author do a guest review. I think it's wonderful when indie authors support each other. 

I do have a format that I like to follow for my reviews, so I will follow that same format when sharing your review, if at all possible. Once you send me your review, I will not change anything. If I see a spelling or grammatical error, I will let you know and ask that you correct it prior to your review being posted live on my blog. Please trust that your words are yours and will not be altered in any way. I will respect and value you as a reviewer. As a reviewer myself, I ask for that from others. 

If you feel the need to share a spoiler because it must be shared, I ask that you put a warning so that the person reading your review can decide whether or not to continue reading. I've done spoiler warnings before when I needed to share something. 

I normally cross post my reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. I will not require that of you but it would be nice if you do. Reviews do help authors.

If you decide to submit a request to be featured on my blog (just send me an email) I will assume that you agree to the guidelines mentioned. The guidelines are subject to change with or without notice. 

All in all, that's it for now. If you are interested in being featured in Reader's Corner... Guest Reviews by Readers, please send me an email at samedinamics (at) gmail (dot) com. We can discuss any other questions you may have and hopefully get the ball going on this. I am very excited to do add this piece to my blog. 


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