Thursday, July 11, 2013

Look For Me Book Review

A reporter, a healer, and a spy. In this gripping tale of Civil War-era romance and espionage, these three lives are brought together, with consequences none of them can foresee.

Samuel, a New York-based reporter, leaves the comfort of home to report on the war, where his focus changes from the men who fight to the women who heal. 

Sarah, a Southern healer, leaves the safety of her home to travel with nurses and use nature to heal. 

Meanwhile, Mack, a teenage girl, disguises herself as a boy to infiltrate Union camps. Mack befriends Sarah, and the two women begin a friendship—and deception—that will be carried throughout the war. 

When Samuel encounters Sarah on the battlefield, he realizes she is the childhood friend he has known for years. But when love blossoms, the war becomes a wedge between them, and they're forced to make a promise, for now and forever.

*Winner of Romance Division- International Book Awards 2012
*Winner of Historical Fiction- Chanticleer Book Review 2012

*Mainstream category- Chanticleer Book Review 2012
*Historical Fiction- Chanticleer Book Review 2012
*Romance division-Next Generation Indie Book Awards 2012

*Historical Fiction- International Book Awards 2012

Author Janet Shawgo

Title: Look For Me
Author: Janet Shawgo
Publisher: Publish Green (July 1, 2011)
Format: ePub; Mobi; 252 pages
Genre: Historical Fiction
Location(s) Available: AmazonBarnes and NobleJanet Shawgo's Website

I've always enjoyed history. I loved reading back on the past and imagining how life was back then. I especially enjoy reading about the places where I live or are near where I live, historically. Naturally, I enjoy reading a good historical fiction novel. I love novels that are accurate in history but also have that fictional element to it to add a richness to history. 

Look For Me is a wonderful tale about courage, and love, and determination, and the human spirit. Ms. Shawgo wove a sweet story during one of the most turmoil eras in our country's time, the Civil War era. Look For Me centers around a group of women who showed their courage and determination to help those in need via healing them with natural and holistic remedies. They showed their love for all those who were injured regardless of what side of the war they were on. These women, while not directly involved in the war, also fought disease, injury, fatigue and the very real dangers of violence against women.

As I read on in the story, I was transported back to the Civil War era. Ms. Shawgo created a wonderful yet terrifying imagery in my mind with the way she described life and the war. I truly enjoyed this story. It was sweet and made me fall in love all over again. I felt a sort of connection to our heroine because she falls in love with the man she's been corresponding with for over six years. I, too, fell in love with my husband after only chatting with him on the internet for a few months. Love, after all, is one of the greatest mysteries in the world.  

Do I recommend this book? I do... if you want to read a loving story that pulls at your heart with the struggles of the time and how love overcomes and transcends distance, then yes, I do recommend it. 

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