Thursday, October 3, 2013

Excerpt of You Are To Decide...But Death and Rising Are Through Human Flesh


The authors of this mystic writing send their hero on a difficult mission: investigate the cruel double slayings and correct the mistakes made during his last years.

He shares his past, present, and future views of the world as he experiences the criminal investigation. Some may find the hero’s perspective cruel, but the truth can't always be sweet.

For harmonization, the narration is supplemented with 188 poems and fourteen professional illustrations, which enhance the readers’ sensations.

I tried to prove that one can never prove.
I tried to say that one can never tell.
Among the closest people in my life,
I sought clarity, but I quickly failed.
In this persistent never-ending strife,
I cannot find a thing that I have gained.
While walking through the labyrinth of life,
I never cracked, and stronger I became!..

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Excerpt 1
Talking confusedly, my beloved could describe the details of the Evil acts committed against my family. I sat next to her hospital bed stunned, deadbeat, and overcome with immense anguish. The most severe tragedy happened upon my house, and it happened to those who gave my life order and purpose. I questioned if I should even survive. And if so, what for?

There is no hope, no basis,
We live our lives without races.
Our thoughts are full of trouble,
But we should never make it double.
Otherwise, our dreams won’t come true,
And it will be hard to find a clue.
Why do all thoughts dissolve in space,
After having lost all necessary trace?

Tears appeared out of nowhere and flooded my eyes. Falling down my cheeks and chin, they dropped on Valerie’s bandaged fingers and dissolved. I kept her palm in mine and felt the weightlessness overtake her. My wife was leaving me with the hope of fair payment: punishment for the horrible death of her daughter. At the same time, she still had a belief in humanity. It was impossible to rescue her life because her injuries were too great. Valerie’s vital force was a miracle for doctors who saw a great number of tragedies. She practically overcame her death — postponed it. She knew she had to reveal the tragedy and its culprit.

At the crossroads of pathways,
Where morning fogs are blue and cold,
Your eyes carved out my days,
When silver frost suffused my soul.

Excerpt 2

What price to charge and how to defend weren’t the questions, but should we believe the Evil or not? The question required time, but the fatal upcoming morning of that critical day quickly made the decision for us. The horror needed to be repeated, and they didn’t want to drag their feet — they had their own reasons for this. Without a closed book, the satanic host couldn’t plan and commit murders, thereby wreaking fear — its evil output was needed to sustain theirlife. The connection with the power that was leading them started to terminate and vanish. Creating a new publication required some time — eight years byEarth’s measures. This period threatened them, tricking their dietary regime. Nobody can live without feeding. That's the nature of things.

Both sides found themselves against each other... But approximately eight years ago, calculated from the date of writing the book, a girl hopped onto the intercity bus and sat near the window in the middle of a passenger compartment. Her destiny — having slept on the shoulder of a man who had sat down beside her — was predefined, but not yet finished in the teeth of the spiteful dog-monsters. She awoke with a happy fate.

Time doesn’t beautify. Her life was “conquered,” and it did cost a lot. Today, there is no sin in my soul.

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