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Book Release Day and Interview with Sydney Lane - Author of Choices

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Recently, I had the opportunity to read Choices by Sydney Lane. I knew what the story was about based on the synopsis but I honestly did not expect for the story to be more than what the synopsis said. The story was more than just a young college freshman deciding which guy she's gonna date. I'd like to call it a coming of age story yet it is more than that.

Ms. Lane was kind to provide an interview. Don't miss out on this interview for it will give you an insight to Choices. 

Author Sydney Lane
How do you hope Choices will inspire or help Young/New Adults?
Choices is very near and dear to my heart, and I would hope to inspire young adults to be aware of who they are and where they are headed in life. I also hope this book is a platform for teen bullying and depression/bipolar awareness.

What made you decide to write a book?
I have always wanted to write, and I have all of these ideas just floating around in my head. I actually "fasted" my Kindle for a month for a church event, and I decided that if I couldn't read, I would write instead. I also do a lot of beta reading, and I was inspired by some of the indie authors I've met.

What was your method for writing Choices- did you plan it out or fly by the seat of your pants?
I probably used an unusual approach in that.... I didn't really have one! I actually wrote the ending first. From there, I just wrote wherever the characters took me. There was no plan, only the ending. You might be interested in knowing that the ending actually changed! Over time, I came to love my characters and to think of them differently. The ending I built the whole book around was not the ending you will read.

Do you have any advice for new authors?
I'm still new to this game, and I'm learning more every day. With the help of some very sweet indie authors and bloggers, I have learned some valuable lessons. First, just put your story on paper first. Don't worry about editing until its's written. Make sure your book is copyrighted before you share it with ANYone. And look for trustworthy, honest beta readers. With indie publishing, networking is everything.

Will there be a sequel? 
I do plan on continuing the series, maybe even writing a book from one of the guy's perspective. However, I do not plan a direct sequel. I guess we will see where the readers take me.

Was any part of Choices based on your personal experience/life; if so, how much of you is in the main female character, Quincy?
Essentially, Quincy is me. I grew up in my sister's shadow. I loved her, I hated her, I was ashamed of her, yet I defended her. And I really did miss that phone call. It was a soul-searching, soul-baring story to tell, and I had not intended for it to go that way. I was going to write a love triangle, but Quincy took me somewhere else, somewhere I could finally find peace.
As for Declan and Brody.... the story wasn't real, but the boys were.

I guess you could say that Quincy was always buried in me, and she finally found a way out

Please leave any comments or questions below for Author Sydney Lane. I hope you enjoyed reading the interview as much as I did. 

Choices is being released, today,  June 25th via Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Don't forget to "like" Author Sydney Lane's  Facebook page and enter the giveaway for a chance to win some Choices swag. Here's the giveaway link: http://bit.ly/12LTT5Z

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