Monday, May 27, 2013

Underdog Book Review


Author Glenn Langohr

Another one of Glenn Langohr's stunning memoirs - a brave, unflinching account of life in prison B.J. and Damon are two White inmates who get involved in a gang war in a California maximum security prison. The prison administration realizes B.J.'s sentence is up and they blame Damon for calling the shots and use his gangland tattoos to send him to the Pelican Bay Super Max. 

Title: Underdog: A True Crime Thriller of Prison Life
Series: Prison Killers Book 4
Author: Glenn Langohr
Publisher: Lockdown Publishing (October 18, 2012)
Format: Mobi
Genre:  True Crime
Location(s) Available: Amazon


Underdog is the first true crime fiction I've ever read. I wasn't sure what to expect other than knowing that it is fiction based on facts. I do enjoy a good true crime non-fiction story and I'm always intrigued and baffled at the things that human beings are capable of doing.

I have to say that I was surprised and pleased with the story. This wasn't a story of a person committing a true crime and it being fictionalized. This was a story of a person surviving and hoping to encourage those in the penal system. 

The author, Glenn Langhor did a great job in writing the story of BJ, an ex convict. As I read Underdog, I began to realize and understand that prison life is a truly different life than one out of prison. There's segregation within the walls of prison among the prisoners. There's a whole inner system that can ensure a prisoner's survival or demise. There's even a whole new language! There's politics and their own justice system. 

This story opened up my eyes to having a better understanding of what a person who was incarcerated goes through. While I may never be able to completely understand it, I can at least be sympathetic to their struggles. Not all ex convicts are truly bad people. They just made bad choices in life. 

Do I recommend this story? I do, if only so you can get a glimpse of what prison life is like from someone who lived it, truly lived it. 

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