Friday, March 22, 2013

I Went Back.... to FB - Yikes!

I did it. I went back to Facebook. Yikes!

Why, oh, why did I do this?! It's a two-fold decision. I'll tell you that it is selfish.
  • First - I miss the friendship I developed with wonderful people on Facebook and I miss keeping up with my family.
  • Second (and probably the driving factor) - I want to increase readership to my blog for the book reviews I do for authors. It's a great way to drive readers in both their and my directions. 
Blogging has helped me. It has become a vehicle for me to share my thoughts with the virtual world. Something about putting yourself on display for the world to see and dissect can be humbling. It keeps you honest to yourself and to others around. Never did I think I would be doing this. Never!

I also discovered the joy of blogging book reviews. So far, I've only done two and it has been well received. Maybe not as well as some other blogs who have a high readership count but good enough for me. I am truly enjoying this. I blogged recently about this here: What I've Been Up To. Currently, I am reading Good Guys Love Dogs for review. So far so good.

I have mixed emotions about returning to Facebook. I really do. I'm happy to reconnect and to promote my blog. Yet, I feel like I am betraying myself for going back to Facebook. I shouldn't but I do. I remember clearly what brought me to the point of deleting my account and I can't go back there. I know that I don't want to fall back into the same trap I was in when I was on Facebook last. Facebook can really suck you in if you're not strong enough. I'm just a social individual who loves interacting with people. I know that I have to set guidelines for myself, not too strict, but I will have to pace myself as I return to Facebook. I can't overload myself. Now that I know what to expect and what can happen I will be able to handle this.

Well, there you have it. Now you know why I went back to Facebook. This time around it'll be better. I know it will.

In the words of my husband "LOL... You couldn't resist. Haha"


  1. I'm glad you are back, I've missed you!
    I'm on G+ but don't do much with it.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :-)