Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Guys Love Dogs Book Review

I'm loving reading books for review and have been basking in my excitement.  So far, I've hit the jackpot on reading good books that have brought me joy.

Here's the latest book I read and my review: Good Guys Love Dogs by +Inglath Cooper

Desperate father Ian McKinley moves his delinquent teenage son to the small Virginia town of Keeling Creek, a place very unlike the New York City life he has been leading. Love takes him by surprise when he falls for Colby Williams, a woman unlike anyone else he has ever been drawn to, a small town vet with a heart for animals and a fierce love for a teenage daughter she is also struggling to raise. 

But Colby has a secret in her past, a secret she's not sure her daughter will ever forgive her for. And as for Ian McKinley, he seems too good to be true. If she had learned anything from the one time she had thrown her heart fully into love, it was that it didn't last. 

Title: Good Guys Love Dogs
Author: Inglath Cooper
Pulisher: Fence Free Entertainment, LLC; 1 Edition (June 9, 2012)
Format: ePub; Kindle/Mobi; 247 pages
Genre(s): Romance
Locations Available: AmazonBarnes & NobleiTunes

This story is about finding love when you least expect it. It was a wonderful and easy read with an uncomplicated plot. The pace was just right, not too fast and not too slow. It's a great story to read on a lazy Sunday morning or while relaxing at any time.

From the minute I read the prologue, the story grabbed my attention. I needed to know how Ian McKinley was going to fix the huge rift that was in between him and his son, Luke.

The emotions the story invoked in me were topsy turvy. I laughed and felt sad several times while reading this story. It was also exciting. At one point Colby says she felt like a teenager. I felt like that right along with her as I followed her experience.

The main characters were well developed. You were able to understand what their story was and how they came to be where they are in their lives. The story not only revolves around the lives of the adults but also that of the teenage children. You feel the anguish they experience through out the story. While reading, you can't help but root for these broken families to repair themselves. Each of the characters in the story played a vital role, even if they were mentioned once or twice. They contributed to the story whether it was just by making Ian feel welcome or psychologically pushing him to do things he never thought he would. Even the non-human characters are vital to the story. A great book for animal lovers.

The story ended exactly how I wanted to end. There was closure and it's great to read a story that has resolved the conflicts within the characters.

I do recommend this story if you want something easy to read. Something enjoyable. Something that will leave you feeling happy and in love.

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