Thursday, January 17, 2013

Control Over My Emotions

For the past few days, I've had my emotions tugged at significantly, in a negative manner. Some were positive but most negative.

I truly do not like feeling upset and sad, especially when someone makes me feel that way. They were to the point that my chest started hurting. When that happens, I know I am really upset, angry or anxious over something.

I have begun to slowly gain control of my emotions. Meditation has helped some. I know that if I continue this practice of meditating, soon I will gain full control over them.

I write this because, time after time, I have given a dear and wonderful friend of mine my thoughts on emotions. I would always tell her: Do not allow that person to control your emotions and dictate how you should feel. When you do that, you give that person power over you.

I sincerely believe that. So WHY did I allow my emotions to be controlled by someone else. Why? I wonder if it's because I just don't feel like putting up the fight to resist and just give in. I hate conflict, I really do. I deal with it alright but certainly not in a healthy way for my emotional growth.

I need to know, understand and certainly realize that when I find myself in a position of conflict, I have to be in control of my emotions. I have to stand my ground, be confident in myself and my thoughts and NOT allow anyone to control my emotions and have power over me.

This will take a process of self discovery and being confident on myself. I know I can do this. Once again, this is another challenge for me in my journey to subtle changes but still being me.

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