Monday, December 30, 2013

Review of Charred Heart

I received Charred Heart by Lizzy Ford in exchange for a review.

Modern day retelling of "Beauty and the Beast" 

***Recommended for ages 18+ due to multiple, creative, detailed, steamy, sexy-time adult situations.*** 

For a thousand years, Chace has searched for a way to break the curse placed on him by a jilted lover. He’s a dragon shifter, one who can’t control when the magic will force him into a different form. He’s already lost everyone he ever cared about a few times over and doesn’t know how much longer he’s meant to suffer. 

At his wit’s end, he makes a deal with a mysterious figure that offers him what he wants most – an end to his misery – in exchange for everything that’s his: His life, his power. His heart. 

The next day, he meets Skylar, a modern day dragon slayer whose mission is to cage him – or kill him. Sexy, witty and brave, she is the yin to his yang, the woman destined to break the curse, balance his magic and make his broken heart whole. 

Except it’s too late. Not only has he sealed his fate, but an innocent one-night-stand with Skylar has dragged her into the middle of a deal with the devil, one she won’t escape, if he can’t convince her that dragon shifters aren’t her enemies.

Author: Lizzy Ford
Series: The Heart of Fire
Title: Charred Heart
Buy Link: Amazon

Charred Heart is the first book in the Heart of Fire Series... and boy is it hot! I've read only one other dragon shifter book and it does not compare to Charred Heart. The way Lizzy Ford describes the main character, Chace the dragon shifter, makes your heart melt and legs quiver. 

The story is a moderate to fast paced story with little to no fluff in between. I like stories like that because it gets to the heart of the story. The chemistry between Chace and Skylar, the dragon hunter, is spot on though at times they frustrated me. They frustrated me together and even separate but it does make up for a great story. There were many a times I wanted to just jump in the book and grab Chace and shake him so he can wise up. He really kept me on my toes thinking what he was going to say or do to Skylar next in order to alienate her more. However, with all that being said and the friction between them, it sure made up with the super charged sex scenes in the book. I mean the scenes were intense and not for the faint of heart. The scenes fit well into the story. It added an element of want, need and destiny to the story. 

Charred Heart will leave you wanting to read the next book Charred Tears immediately. While the story is quick it picks up even more towards the end. 

Do I recommend Charred Heart? I do, if you like dragon shifter stories, you'll be sure to like this one. 

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