Monday, December 9, 2013

Book Review of See How She Fights

This has been long overdue. Whew, do I miss writing reviews. I'm so happy to say that this next review is from one of my favorite authors, +Michelle Graves. She writes the series of The Chronicles of Izzy: Book One, See How She Runs and Book Two, See How She Fights.

I will be reviewing an ARC that I received of See How She Fights.

She thought it was over.
She thought her life was finally her own.
She was wrong.

Izzy is thrust back into the world of Seers and Guardians. With a summons from the Council she can't ignore, Izzy heads back into the fray. Now, it is up to her to figure out why Seers are being sacrificed, carved up, and left for ruin. If she doesn't find the person orchestrating the deaths, she may well be next.

If that wasn't enough, her powers have started to expand exponentially. Kennan is keeping secrets. Moreover, a strangely familiar Symbol-smith starts wreaking havoc on her precariously balanced world. 

Will Izzy survive this latest crisis? Will she stop fighting destiny and accept her fate? Find out in See How She Fights.

See How She Fights picks up a few months after See How She Runs ends but doesn't miss a beat. In See How She Fights, we see Izzy come into her own and accept her destiny. She is heroine that I would want to have by my side.

One of my favorite things about the writing style of this book, is that Michelle Graves has a great balance between humor, action, mystery and despair. Izzy, is truly one of my favorite characters out there. I love her humor and her loyalty to friends and what is right. Izzy's humor is not one of ditziness. She's not oblivious to things around her. She's witty and sarcastic (but not snarky mean) and certainly is smart and resilient, in the physical and emotional sense. I can't say enough good things about her character!

Mrs. Graves does a fantastic job at introducing new characters to the story that are truly integral to it. They aren't fluff characters for the sake of having characters. I love that. These new characters add an element of excitement and mystery to the whole story. Some questions are answered but new ones are raised. These are the ones that leave you wanting to know more and wishing the pages of the book wouldn't end. There are also the characters from the previous book who are hilarious and have the potential of having a story of their own. Mrs. Graves developed these characters so well that you are also invested in them and want to know more. 

This book is certainly not one where you will sit and go "okay, it was good". No, you will want to scream at the book (in a good way) because you can't believe what you are reading. You can't believe that the things happening has transpired. While reading it, I was literally reading so fast because I needed to know more and quickly. I couldn't get enough. There were things that I didn't see coming at all. Things that broke my heart and had me near tears. I mean, who doesn't love a story like that! 
Of course, when a book is written so well where you are left wanting to know more and why, you can't wait for the next one to be out.

Do I recommend See How She Fights? Oh, heck yeah, you bet I do! But first you must read book one, See How She Runs to understand what's happening in book two. If you want to be fulfilled with mystery, humor and action, this is a book for you. Be warned, you will fall in love with the characters. 

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