Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Follow the Road of Life

It has been a really long time since I've posted something personal on here. I need to get back to doing that. After all, Same DiNamics is first and foremost a personal blog. That's not to say I don't enjoy blogging about books but I have to work hard to stay true to why I started this blog.

I have to admit, the luster of blogging started fading. I don't want that though because I truly enjoy sharing with my readers, the little bit that are out there. :-) I guess with all new shiny things, the joy of them starts leaving but when you truly love something, you will always find fulfillment in it. I still do enjoy blogging, I just don't blog as much as I was doing in the beginning. I think that's fine. I've settled into a norm for me. My new norm.

My blog is less than a year old and I feel I've come far, in my life since I started it. I have patiently followed the road that is being laid before me. I don't know where it is going, I just know it is going somewhere. I can truly say this - I am a much happier person now. That is so important to me. So darn important. I found joy within and for myself. I didn't find joy through another person. Often times, we wait for others to make us happy and that's not okay. If you are truly happy within yourself, then you will find and embrace the happiness others bring to your life, not wait for other to make you happy.

Honestly, I know that I can pave the road of my life to where I want it to go but I'm hesitant of doing so. I rather enjoy of seeing where it is going, for now. I know that I'll have to take control and guide it soon but for now, I'll play along.

I believe in two things... 1. Working hard for what you want; and 2. Not forcing that door to open, when it is not ready. God will provide the necessary strength when it is time to open that door. Faith... is what I call it.

Sort of contradicting, don't you think? Not really, at least not how I see it. There are things in life that I want but I find that if I force that door to open and push hard for it to open for me, when I know in my heart I'm not ready to go there, I will fail. I believe that God will let me know and place the signs in my path that will lead me to opening that door. Once those signs are there, then it is up to me to work my butt off to achieve what has been set before me.

My book reviewing, interviews, excerpts and other book related things is one such door that I wanted to open but wasn't ready until the opportunity presented itself. I followed the road, picked up the signs and here I am today, busy as ever with all this book stuff. Though I'm busy with it, I don't feel overwhelmed. Why? Because I have control over that. I control when and what I will read, blog a review or set a date for something. Not control in a micromanaging sort of way but control so that I don't lose the enjoyment that comes from helping authors out.

Now, the door to selling my crocheted pieces is slowly opening. When I started crocheting, October will be a year, I was so not ready to sell anything. While I knew how to crochet, my skill set was still in its infancy. I'm still a newbie, yes, but I've been learning and not shying away from new things. My confidence has been building up and I feel happy and good knowing that my pieces won't fall apart.

I entered a giveaway recently and won a 30 minute consultation on how to start a crochet business. Talk about the signs being put in your way! It was there, I entered and won.How much more evident and plain can that sign be? So, I'm taking that leap of faith and hoping that this will work out for me. *Shameless plug in here... If you want to put in an order of something, let me know. ;-)*

Anyway, as always, I talk a lot. I have more to say but I'll save that for another blog post to come. I thank you for coming along with me on this Road of Life and hopefully enjoying the simple ride.


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