Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Excerpt of Sorts of Roger William's Little Book of Virtues


In Roger Williams' Little Book of Virtues, a book that marks my first foray into the world of self-publishing, I delve into the life of my 11th and 12th great-grandfather to uncover the untold story behind this forgotten pioneer of religious liberty.  How can Roger Williams' life and ministry shed light on the role of individual beliefs within the context of a pluralized global culture?  

Throughout this short e-book (27,000 words, retail $4.99, pub date April 2013), I speak to those who share Williams' concerns about the historical influence of a politicized form of exclusionary Christian faith that enforces its will in the public square. In this age of horizontal social media where everyone can all state their views in the public arena, what prevents people from standing up to these modern-day Goliaths and taking away their media megaphone? Here I sees hope in the rise of the "nones" for a new conversation. Like Williams, these seekers follow their own spiritual path and create spaces that welcome all including women, people of color, LGBT folks and others marginalized by the institutional church.

Instead of an excerpt, Becky Garrison decided to share an article that she wrote on American Atheist. Here is the link to the article she wrote: Coming Home to a Carlin Companion.

About Becky Garrison:

On the same day that Princess Di was brought into this world tiara in hand, this Yankee gal with an accent befitting a Southern debutante was born breech first. Ever since my upside down birth, I have always viewed life from a unique perspective. "Becky, only you see it that way" is a frequent comment made by friends and relatives alike. I began writing for The Wittenburg Door in 1994 and contribute to a range of outlets including Washington Post's On Faith column, The Guardian's Belief section, Killing the Buddha, Geez, The Revealer, American Atheist magazine, Believe Out Loud, and The Religious Left.
The first video highlighted on my Amazon author site came from the documentary The Ordinary Radicals (; the second and third videos are from (props to Travis Reed); and the fourth is from the documentary Nailin' it to the Church (

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