Sunday, February 3, 2013


Ever since my last blog post about me not always getting what I want, I have been thinking....

Thinking about anything and everything. My life, how I've gotten to where I am today, what if I made different choices, that sort of thing. I've also been thinking about what to blog about next. It seems I've reached a blah point of my journey and don't know what else to blog about. I wanted this blog to be about me and my journey and the things I've accomplished and done. Things that I am proud of. 

I expected as much. It will take some more motivation on my part and continuity to accomplish what I started off to do. 

I seems to set up road blocks for myself in my mind. I always start something off all gung ho about it and have this great big fire lit under me and I'm all excited until.... Until I don't know what. The fire dies to low embers waiting for that little bit of oxygen to breath life into it again. 

That fire will be alive once again, I know it will because I want it so badly. 


  1. Hi Dianne, I know exactly what you mean, motivation is a moody company for me too.
    I found that it helps to write down my goals and read them every now and then to refresh my enthusiasm.
    Also, I love to read inspiring quotes or books on the power of positive thinking.
    Keep writing my friend, things will happen. Sometime it takes a little time for the events to line up, but you never know how close they are. :)

    1. Thanks! Yes, I agree with you that writing down goads can help. I will start doing that.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts. :-)