Friday, April 26, 2013

The Great High School Love Game Review

There's always a first time for everything. It seems that lately I've been having lots of firsts. 

I vacillated between doing a review for this story or not. In the end, I decided to go ahead and do a review, after all, I pride myself in giving honest reviews on how a book makes me feel. No negative reviews will ever be given, just my honest opinion. 

Love is like a game - but not everyone can win the game of hearts... Put together four high school students, intrigue, jealousy and the result - it's all in the name of love... 

Title: The Great Love High School Game
Author: Marcia Carrington
Publisher: Marcia Carrington (June 10, 2012)
Format: Mobi; ePub; PDF
Genre: Young Adult
Location(s) Available: AmazonSmashwords

The Great High School Love Game was well written. Marcia's writing style is descriptive in nature. She creates an environment for the reader where we are right there with the character. Her characters are well developed and are growing into their own. You can see them develop as the story goes on. 

I do have to say that I didn't finish The Great Love High School Game. While the story line was good and the direction it seemed it was going in was interesting, the story just wasn't for me though I enjoy Young Adult fiction. I've been so used to reading YA that are more mature in nature. This story is truly a book for teenagers. I'm just not the targeted audience for this book. 

This story is more for young teenagers who are just beginning to figure out who they are and what it means to "fall in love" or really, really, really like someone. We've all been there. It's definitely a game where the characters were trying to figure out who like who, what was going on with their sudden change in behavior and how to get them to like each other, more than friends. 

Do I recommend this book? Even though I didn't finish it, I do recommend it for any young teenager. 

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