Sunday, May 29, 2016

Waking Up in Vegas Book Review


When what happens in Vegas doesn’t stay there…

It was supposed to be a wild weekend spent celebrating her best friend. But Kiera didn’t count on running into him. He was an annoying blast from her past, hell bent on pushing all of her buttons. But when sparks begin to fly, she starts to question everything she thought she knew about this man and herself. Business. It was always about business. When Andrew travels to Las Vegas for a meeting, he never counted on her. Some things never changed and it seemed like Kiera was still stuck in the past. But as things heat up, he starts finding ways to mix business with pleasure. And after an amazing weekend, he needs to find a way to convince the feisty red head that not everything needs to stay in Vegas.

Can Kiera and Andrew overcome the ghosts from their past in order to find a future together or will they bet on love and lose everything?

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Sexy! Beautiful! Fun! Smart! Those are just some of the words that come to mind when describing this book, Waking Up in Vegas. 

Sarah King has the ability to write and make you fall in love with the characters in her books. Her approach to writing stories is simple, take the reader on a wonderful and exciting ride while falling in love. 

Waking Up in Vegas is her sexiest book, yet. I was immediately taken to a new world (one that I've never been in, in real life) and thoroughly enjoyed the ride. I just have one things to say "Andrew F****** Taylor!". When you read the book, and you should, you'll get that reference. 

I loved the relationship between friends, Keira and Michelle, and completely felt the reality of that friendship. It wasn't an over-the-top, often unrealistic expectations of friendships between women that I read about in other books. Their friendship was real and one that I connected with. And really, I wanted to be in Vegas partying with them. 

Waking Up in Vegas is a great summer read by the pool or at the beach. Be sure to take a hand fan with you to fan yourself because, damn.... some scenes will leave you sweaty and not because of the heat. 

Do I recommend Waking Up in Vegas? Oh I absolutely do! It's delicious! It's sexy! It's fun! And, it's hot! 

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