Monday, February 8, 2016

Book Review: High Moor 3 Blood Moon

The war has begun... As the humans make their move against the werewolf threat in their midst, and civil war threatens to break the pack apart, John and Marie struggle to free the only person who can unite the werewolf factions against their common enemy: Marie's brother, Michael. However, their efforts may be for nothing. As tensions mount, the Moonborn prepare to combat the human aggression with an assault of their own. An attack that could spell doom for both man and werewolf alike.

Author: Graeme Reynolds
Narrated by: Chris Barnes
Publisher: Horrific Tales Publishing (October 27, 2015)
Buy Links: Amazon; Audible

DISCLAIMER: I received an audio copy via Audible for review purposes. 

Ever since I started reading High Moor 1, when it first came out, I fell in love with the series. Mr. Reynolds delivers a story that ensnares your mind and takes you on a journey of the past and present.

High Moor 3 brings us to the present where there's war ensuing between the humans and lycanthropes. It seems that only one side can win this war, and each is determined to come out victor in the end. While the war is at the forefront and the premise of this story, it's the emotions, personal developments, self awareness, and overall interactions that stand out to me the most. Ever since High Moor 1, Mr. Reynolds weaved a tale of human emotions that made you connect with the characters within the story. He continued that trend in High Moor 2, with its gory and jaw dropping scenes where you didn't know whether to love or hate a character. He finishes off High Moor 3 with a fantastic bang and one hell of story where I had moments of disbelief because my ears couldn't believe what I was hearing. 

High Moor 3 delved into the misconceptions of lycanthropes from the humans all the while lycanthropes dealt with the mistrust of humans since the beginning of their kind. The barriers are broken down due to war where one faction wanted to eradicate or take vengeance out on the other. This story shows while one outcome is perceived out of a situation, a completely different one arises. At least that's what I got through out the story. I got to see how some humans got to learn that not all lycanthropes are viscous killing machines with no care of anything or anyone. I also got to see how humans themselves can be even more monstrous than their worst nightmares when pushed past the recesses of their minds. 

I can't say enough good things about High Moor 3, this coming from someone who loves a good, tenderhearted romance that are just butterflies and rainbows. The gore and violence was top notch, not only because there was violence for violence's sake but because the violence and gore was done with purpose and intent. During these times is when I got to learn more about a character and its thought process. This story shows that overcoming adversity is possible even if it means sacrificing things you never thought you could. 

Mr. Reynolds gives us a satisfactory ending, in the end it's about survival at any cost. Even if that cost is love. 

I have to say that the narration of High Moor 3 helped to make my positive feelings of this book possible. Mr. Barnes is a phenomenal narrator. He emotes what the characters are feeling all the while keeping true to each character's voice. 

Do I recommend High Moor 3: Blood Moon? Oh you bet your ass I do! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this story. This series is a must read. 

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