Monday, January 11, 2016

Book Review: Voices

The town of Oakwell is no more: an abandoned and overgrown relic left in the wake of the massacre at Hope House. 
When Emma Barrett discovers the secret to Hope House, the evil responds by awakening the deranged Henry Marshall from his catatonic state. 

As Emma gathers around her those who can bring an end to the Gogoku curse, a brutal game of cat and mouse begins. 
Everything is at stake as the Whisper story reaches its epic conclusion. Blood will be spilled, sacrifices will be made, and redemption will be sought as the survivors of the Oakwell curse go head to head with the malevolent forces which have scourged the lands for centuries…

Author: Michael Bray
Publisher: Horrific Tales Publishing (July 28, 2015)
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Disclaimer: I received a copy of Voices in exchange for a review. 

Voices is the concluding novel in the Whispers trilogy. From the first time I read Whispers, I was hooked to this series. It's a scary tale, pure supernatural and psychological horror. 

Voices does not stay far behind... it's gruesome; it's horrifying; and, it creeped me out. Voices takes place some years after Echoes (the second book in the trilogy). We get to learn the faith of the victims in Echoes, plus the original protagonists in Whispers; the ones who started it all. 

While Voices is, in a true sense, a horror story, it's also a story about love, if in a twisted sense. We see the sacrifices parents make for their children and for each other... sacrifices that seem farfetched yet not ones we'd think twice about doing. Voices also brings sufferers of the same torment together. They must each choose to either give up or stand together and fight over an unseen and ancient force of evil. While Voices introduces new characters to this saga the story doesn't feel chaotic with the their introduction. Mr. Bray does a fantastic job at melding each character's story together and tying everything beautifully into one symbiotic story about survival. 

Do I recommend Voices? I do! If you are looking for a tale of pure, unadulterated horror with a touch of love and redemption, definitely check Voices, and its two preceding stories out. It's a fantastic read! 

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