Monday, May 19, 2014

Nurturing that Imagination

My youngest is going to be 5 years old in July. He is the baby of the house and will remain the baby since I closed down my baby making shop a few years ago.  Also, he knows he's the baby.

Lately, however, I've noticed a shift in him. He's maturing. It's a very gradual and slow change but I can see it. I'm sure it has a lot to do with him starting pre-k last fall. Even his teacher has noticed a change in him.

He's more open and vocal. His speech has improved exponentially. We can now understand what he says better as opposed to when he first started.

My most favorite change in him is his imagination. He's always had it but it seems more elaborate now. Like he's being more thoughtful with it. He's letting his imagination go and just having fun. Often times, I'll sit quietly, while I crochet and I'll just listen to him play and talk to himself or his toys.

He'll find something, anything and create a game out of it and I love it! And guess what? I give in to his imagination. I don't stifle it, unless it's something I consider dangerous. He tells me what he wants and we figure it out together or I give him the necessary tools, freedom to get it done. I want to nurture that imagination as much as possible, even if it means getting messy.

Here, he decided to make boats out of a receipt he found and a piece of cardboard. He was entertained for a while. The narrative that accompanied his playing was interesting to listen to.

I've also seen in him his nurturing, caring and compassionate side. He's always had it but it's coming out more. He has his bunny rabbit who's so aptly named Bunny Rabbit and that stuffed animal is probably his most favorite thing in the world (besides Mommy of course) yet he won't admit it is.

Bunny Rabbit has been dressed in my youngest's old baby clothes that I still had in his room.

Bunny Rabbit also a drawer (a box) where his clothes are kept.

Bunny Rabbit has an old bottle that he "drinks" out of. Bunny Rabbit even has a bed.

Bunny Rabbit is invited to a lot of places and often times tags along with us but he needs to be strapped in with a seat belt. Safety first and always.

My youngest does all this with Bunny Rabbit yet still knows that Bunny Rabbit is not real. I'll ask him questions about Bunny Rabbit and my youngest would say "he's not real". So, I think to myself: is my youngest still trying to hang on to being a baby through play with his bunny rabbit? and; I'm so glad to know that my youngest knows the difference between real and make believe but still doesn't let that knowledge hinder his imagination.

Bunny Rabbit is a very lucky bunny rabbit to have such a loving and caring friend in my son. I'm such a lucky mommy to have such a wonderful and caring little boy.


  1. He's so creative! My baby will always be my baby, too. It's amazing how sometimes they seem to change all at once.

    1. Yes! They do change right in front your eyes. He is very creative and loves to tell stories. So much so that I have to teach him how not to tell stories when I ask him a question. Mainly when I want the truth. lol


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