Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review of King Cave


The long-awaited sequel to the bestselling, award-winning King Hall: the revolution is here, but the most dangerous attack may come from within...

The safe, comfortable world of Lily Ruckler and her fellow Mystical Kings and Queens is rocked to the core by the attacks at King Hall. Not only does Lily have to kill the Commoners attacking her people, she also has to assume the mantle of leadership, and bring the surviving Mysticals to King Cave.

It should have been too much, but she is not alone. Ezra becomes her rock, her best friend, the one person who understands. As Pearl and Jack struggle with inconsolable loss, Ezra and Lily work to keep the Mys community safe in their new home, and plan a deadly retaliation.

Their friendship saves them both...but it also draws attention. Whispers. Judgment. It's not normal for Shifters and Vampires to be friends, and when a horrifying truth is revealed, their relationship morphs from unusual to unspeakable. Lily is good at keeping secrets that could get her killed. Is she willing to risk Ezra's life as well?

****I received this book in exchange for an honest review.****

King Cave picks up right where King Hall left off. It starts off with action and just keeps on going. I didn't think that the story could get any better but it does. Not to mention, the cover is beautiful.

I love how Scarlett Dawn just throws herself into the story and doesn't leave anything out. I enjoyed seeing how the characters' daily lives played out. The camaraderie between the main characters is a fun loving one that makes you want to be besties with them.  It's definitely a New Adult story and not meant for someone who gets easily offended by sex. The sex scenes weren't crude at all but definitely part of the story and the character development.

One of the best things that I enjoyed about King Cave, was the emotional roller coaster it put me through. When a book can bring out happiness, despair, a sense of cheering for the good guy, sadness, love, lust and many more emotions all in one sitting, it's a damn winner on my list.I messaged the author halfway through reading the story because I couldn't believe what I was reading. I really didn't want anything to happen to the main characters.

The ending of the book, whew.. yeah, that left me with my mouth hanging open and wondering how int he world could Scarlett Dawn do this to them. It definitely kept me interested in the book and certainly looking forward to book 3.

Do I recommend King Cave? You bet I do!

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