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Reader's Corner, Guest Reviews by Readers - Review of Prince of Hearts

Remember a few weeks ago I blogged about a new section to Same DiNamics called Reader's Corner Guest Reviews by Readers? Well, it is finally that time for the very first RCGRR! I am so excited about this.

My main goal with this new feature is to give readers another forum to share their reviews if they themselves don't have a blog where they share reviews of any type. This also introduces me to new books out there.

Well, enough chit chat, let's get to the good stuff. My first guest reviewer is Michelle Graves, she herself is an author but a voracious reader. Really, she reads books faster than I do and I thought I was quick. I hope you enjoy the review and it makes you want to buy the book. I know I've already added it to my TBR list.

Michelle's Review of Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe

Prince of Hearts by Margaret Foxe was a brilliantly steamy steampunk adventure.  From the beginning to the very end I was captivated by the world Miss Foxe was able to construct.  It is similar to others in the steampunk genre with the use of the Victorian age and machinery.  Yet, unlike many books in the genre, Foxe manages to bring a fresh spin.  She builds a history that is both intriguing and beautifully descriptive.  I felt pulled into the story as she slowly revealed bits of the world she built.  It was like following a wonderful trail of breadcrumbs throughout the story.

World building is not the only thing that this author excelled at.  Her character building is off the charts.  She was able to not only bring the main characters to life but also the extra characters.  Even the housekeeper, who is only featured briefly in the story, was well fleshed out.

I suppose I should start with Professor Romanov.  (After all, he is my new literary husband, sorry Finch.)  He is a man plagued by a dark history.  At first, I was unsure whether to hate or love him.  He is distant and controlled, yet underneath lies something so much more intriguing.  Throughout the book, his history is slowly unveiled, giving the reader better insight as to how he became the man he is now.  Where many authors fail to give angsty characters depth, this one does not.  I felt the anguish of Romanov, I felt his triumphs, and I felt his grief.  By the end of the novel I wanted to throttle him, kiss him, and make him mine forever.

Then there is Finch.  Never have I met a heroine I have liked so much.  She is so well written I could imagine her fumbling through my mind.  A woman of practicality with some surprising vices.  I felt as though she were a realistic person, someone I would want to be friends with.  Her emotional reactions to situations were genuine and not at all over or under written.  The only flaw I could find with her was that she got to spend so much time with my new literary husband.... I may be jealous.

Even with all of this, there is more.  This story is a constant ride.  The steamy scenes were toe curling, the adventures perilous, and the history surprising.

My only issue with this book would be that I suspected who the bad guy may be before the end.  It was not as much of a surprise as I would have liked it to have been.  It did not at all detract from the story though and I can still say, this lover of Steampunk, unabashedly gives five stars.

~End Review~

A little something about Margaret Foxe: 

Margaret Foxe is a professional musician originally from Tennessee. Her first book was completed when she was ten years old, and featured an illustrated mouse named Patches. A voracious reader, she didn't discover the romance genre until her late twenties. She remains a full-fledged addict. Her debut novel, Prince of Hearts, combines all of her favorite things: historical romance, steampunk gadgets, a touch of fantasy, and a canine sub-plot.
She hopes to one day circumnavigate the world by dirigible.
If you'd like to know more about Prince of Hearts and Margaret Foxe, you can 'like' her page on Facebook here.

If you found the review interesting and would like to buy it you can do so on Amazon.

Thanks for reading RCGRR. 

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